Self-empowerment Coaching

Single session

A single session is recommended for any emergency or intense situations, which would require some deep comfort and guidance in case of any traumatic situations such as break ups, loss of a job or someone, serious health issues or traumas of all sorts. The purpose here is to help you regain swiftly inner peace and clarity to navigate through your challenges. Different coaching tools are being employed such as brain spotting, tapping and self-empowerment affirmations.

The duration is 90 minutes and price is $ CAN 140, US$ 110 or € 99.

3 session pass

This format is my preferred beginner offering to address any core related blockages with regards to any personal struggles with yourself, your family, work or Life in general. During these 3 sessions, we will very clearly identify your core definitions with regards to your beliefs and how to access your inner clarity, inner peace and inner trust. 

Each session lasts 75 minutes and total price is US$ 279.

3 month program

This coaching offering is based on someone's intention and commitment to bring healing to any deep wounds or persistant blockages in all areas of life, especially with regards to family related issues, inner child's wounds or difficulties to be in a relationship or find a partner.  This program is composed of 12 sessions, which are adjusted based on our shared agreement over the cadence of our exchange. 

Price is US$ 999, CAD 1295, € 899.







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