Remembering your Joy essence





You are only here for a moment.......

Our core essence is pure energy: always free, one and expanding. From my awakening, I began to realize that all humans came here to learn how to use the energy that we are, which for the mind may sound paradoxical but not for the heart. One way to look at our presence here is to see the human experience as a school experiment so we can explore our true power, which is our free will.


Once we start to remember that truth, we gradually awaken from the illusion to realize that we simultaneously come from the primary Source energy ( pure energy essence), we are the temporary manifested creation (body, mind, and soul) and we are the dance between both. In other words, we came here to embody that truth in the density of the material world, which seemingly appears solid but is in reality continuously moving. We came to explore the school of choices through duality or polarities if you will, of what humans have labelled "good" and "bad".


In reality, there is no such thing as "good" or "bad" energy but different levels of vibrational frequencies based on the choices that we make moment by moment. Everything around us is simply energy vibrating at different rates. Once we start to remember glimpses of that truth, we can release all the distortions we accumulated since birth and also start making conscious choices. To awaken is to finally become conscious of the truth that we are pure unlimited freedom, which is where our joy fundamentally emanates.


To remember this truth is to experience the most profound feelings of liberation, peace, and playfulness. The spiritual practice of growing here on earth through joy is to help anyone realize that pain and suffering are not the only available paths to evolve through the human adventure. We didn't come here to escape our humanness but to fully embrace it with an awakened conscience. Contrary to popular belief, learning to expand and evolve through joy is a very frightening path to many, due to our millennia of human suffering. During many centuries, joy was frown upon, seen as something selfish, reprehensible, dangerous, if not sinful. Many were taught that crucifixion with hard labour was the noblest path to "enlightenment". However, once we connect to source intelligence - which is true intelligence - it then becomes clear that nothing could be furthest from the truth, for joy is our core essence.

May all the offerings presented herein, help you remember, nurture and most of all celebrate the sacred dance that you truly are.

Your Alchemist of Joy,


Oh, and just in case I had forgotten:

KEEP IT LIGHT: Don't take your human too seriously

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Bring back simplicity in your life

KEEP IT FUN: Where is the joy?



Sacred Yang

Sacred Yang is our alert attention or Sacred Masculine. It may be called the principle of presence. To be present means to stay centered inwardly in our own energy field, i.e. our body, through a state of witnessing what is going on within us, maintaining our attention to the now-ness of Life and finally freeing ourselves from thousands of years of human conditioning and suffering. This principle activates within us a vibration of inner clarity, focus, and discernment.


Sacred Yin

Sacred Yin is the second key or Sacred Feminine. This is the principle of simplicity: to allow the flow of Life to move through us freely. The awakening of this portal teaches us how to become gradually more open and intimate with the constant flow of energy that we are.
It is a vibrational frequency of alignment to our emotions, feelings and intuition. This sacred key - which is essential in our current stage of evolution as a species- awaken the sacred qualities of humility, empathy and inner guidance.


Sacred Child

Sacred child is the union of our Sacred Yang and Sacred Yin. This is the expanding consciousness principle, which is our unique combination of blending our masculine and feminine principles within us. It is the conscious practice of honoring the uniqueness of our journey here on earth. Ultimately our sacred child is the sacred treasure that is meant to grow, explore and unify all aspects of who we are. This awakens a vibrational frequency of our pure unique creativity, responsibility (ability to respond ) and our integrity (expressing our truth). 

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Please click on the book to order your hard copy or ebook






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